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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Information Systems (Top Up) (Teach-out)

Informatics Global Campus no longer accepts students from 1 June 2017.
Delivery Mode
This is an online programme. To support your online learning, all lessons are facilitated with scheduled chat sessions and discussion forum via online access through 24/7 Learning Management System (LMS) by Informatics Global Campus.

About the Programme

Awarded by University of Portsmouth, UK

The course is specially for students who already hold qualifications in Computer Science and related subjects.  This degree is seen as one of the broadest IT qualifications, and therefore it can be useful when applied between the fields of technology and business of various sectors.

Entry Requirement

Minimum Age Requirement
19 years old

Academic Level

-International Advanced Diploma in Computing (Awarded by Informatics Academy) OR

-International Advanced Diploma in Mobile Application Technology (Awarded by Informatics Academy)OR

-International Advanced Diploma in Database Engineering (Awarded by Informatics Academy) OR

-International Advanced Diploma in Business & Information Technology (Awarded by Informatics Academy) OR

- International Advanced Diploma in Networks and Computer Security (Awarded by Informatics Academy) OR

-International Advanced Diploma in Business System Development (Awarded by Informatics Academy) OR

-International Higher Diploma in Computer Studies (Awarded by NCC) OR

-Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (Awarded by NCC) OR

-BTEC Higher Diploma (HND) in Computer Studies OR

-Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) – APTECH OR

-Advanced Diploma in Business Computing OR

-Advanced Diploma in E-Commerce

Language Proficiency
IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 550, C6 and above obtained at GCE examination. Other English qualification deemed acceptable by the University.

Work Experience

*Note: All applications are subject to review and approval by University of Portsmouth.

Course and Assessment Structure

Module Code Module Name Credits Coursework Final Exam
Core Modules
IS352 Advanced Systems Development 20 40% 60%
IT353 Information Management 20 40% 60%
IT357 Electronic Commerce 20 30% 70%
PRJ40 Project 40 100% NA
Elective Modules (choose 1)
IT354 Database Design and Management 20 40% 60%
IT362 Operations and Quality Management 20 30% 70%

Each unit taken on this course is assessed by coursework and examination except for project module.

All examinations are proctored at designated exam centres in April, August and December.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will obtain an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems awarded by University of Portsmouth.


•Programme (Online basis)

Part-time 12 months 

Students need to complete 4 modules and 1 project, with minimum of 120 credits.

Students are allowed to register maximum of two (2) modules per term.


7 weeks to complete per module, except for the project


Tuition Fees


Module Descriptors

IS352 Advanced Systems Development

This unit introduces students to the advanced treatment of the concepts and techniques in systems development within an ecommerce environment.

IT353 Information Management

This unit highlights the importance of new technological developments in large scale data processing within a business environment.

IT357 Electronic Commerce

Students learn the concepts of electronic commerce and its implications to business. They will explore popular models of ecommerce.

PRJ40 Project

The project is a mean to develop the student’s organisational, investigative and analytical abilities.

IT354 Database Design and Management

This unit is designed to provide an overview on the database models, implementations of models, relational databases, database performance measurement and tuning, expert and object oriented database, database management.

IT362 Operations and Quality Management

Students learn how to do analysis, design and control of production systems as well as associated quality control and management of such systems.


Class Schedule

Students are highly advised to register for the class at least four (4)  weeks before the intake.
IGC reserves the right to make changes on the  schedule in the event that classes/modules do not meet the required number of students.

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Achievement Pathway