Exam Appeal Process

Candidates who are not satisfied with their results may appeal in writing to the Examination Board.

An appeal will be considered by the Centre or by the appropriate external examination body. Under normal circumstances, an appeal on matters of academic judgement, for example the standard of the marking of the examination scripts, will not be accepted for consideration. The duration of entering appeals of result is up to 3 days after results release.

Appeal fees are  not refundable. However, if a candidate undertakes a referral in the unit under appeal, and their appeal is subsequently successful, the referral fee will be refunded.

A candidate should not re-unit in the term immediately following the release of the result that is the subject of the appeal. The re-unit fee is not refundable, even if the appeal is successful, if the candidate attended re-unit lessons.

A candidate will receive the outcome of his/her appeal within 3 weeks (for IA programmes) to 7 weeks (for University programmes) after filing their appeals with the respective centres.

Candidates are not allowed to view their examination scripts.

Candidates with pass results are NOT allowed to appeal for better results.

All appeal results are reviewed by the Examination Board.

Exam Appeal Flowchart