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Q: Who should I contact for student support or assistance?
Students of Informatics Global Campus can contact our student services team through our hotline at (65) 9362 9292 or email us at studentservices.igc@informaticseducation.com

Our lecturers are the domain experts in the various fields.  For queries relating to academic subjects, we strongly encourage you to fully leverage on their knowledge in the relevant areas.

Q: How can I change my personal details?
Students can submit their request for change of mailing address, contact number or email address by notifying our Student Services Team.   Alternatively  you may update your particulars at the virtual campus by clicking the “My Profile” link on the right hand corner of the webpage.

It is essential that students keep the school posted of your contact details so that important messages may reach you.


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Q: When will I be getting my student ID and Password?
Students will require a valid Student ID and password to gain assess to the IGC Learning Management System (LMS) at http://ivc.informaticseducation.com/ivc_ps/.  The ID and password will be issued upon your successful registration with IGC.

Note that the password is case-sensitive.   You may wish to check that the keyboard’s caps-locked or num-locked keys are not activated unattentionally.

Q: What happens if I forgot my student ID and Password?
For security reasons, the LMS system will `lock out` the user if he/she fails to log in after 3 attempts.

To `unlock` your account or for assistance help to reset your password, please contact our Student Services Team at (+65) 9362 9292 or email us, studentservices.igc@informaticseducation.com .


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Q: How to register for new modules?
Students will have to send email studentservices.igc@informaticseducation.com to register for modules, at least 4 weeks prior to the module start date.  A late registration charge is applicable.

Please refer to Class schedule link for the start  dates for various courses.

Q: When can I access my course materials?
Module materials can be accessed after the issuance of the Student ID and Password.

Q: Can I request for module deferment?
Students who are unable attend any module as schedule should notify student services at least 2 weeks before the `Start-of-class` (SoC) date, otherwise a deferment fee will be levied.  Except for extenuating circumstances (ECF) and unless approval is granted by the academical board,  deferment will not be entertained once students are included in the confirm listing for exam/assessment.   Please refer to the Students Handbook on the important dates and relevant fees,

Q: What is the duration of the modules?
The typical duration for a module is 7 weeks.  Project modules may run between 3 and 8 months.   Students who register after the module SoC date are responsible to catch up and make up for the lost time.




Q: When are my instalments due?
Please refer to your student registration form or Student Contract for the instalment due date(s).

Q: What happens if instalment(s) are not settled on time?
In the event the student fails to fulfill payment within 7 days after the due date, the student account will be automatically deactivated.  

Q: What will happen if instalments are not fulfilled for prolonged period?
In the event the student fails to fulfill payment for more than 3 months, IGC will regard the student has withdrawn.  Accordingly, IGC shall issue a termination letter to the student  and deactivate the account permanently.  

Excluded students who wish to resume their course must re-enrol as a new student. 

Q: What are the refer/reunit charges?
Students have to contact our Student Services Team via email, studentservices.igc@informaticseducation.com or call (65) 9362 9292 for the prevailing reunit/refer fees. 

Q: When will I receive my payment receipt?
E-receipts will be e-mailed to students within 3 working days after payment has been made.

Q: What are the payment modes available?
All course fees, administrative fees are payable via Online Payment, Bank Draft or Telegraphic Transfer. Bank Draft or Telegraphic Transfers shall be made payable to “Informatics Global Campus Pte Ltd”.

  • Online Payment – Master or Visa credit/debit cards are accepted. Please navigate to “My Payment” in the virtual classrooms, LMS, to initiate the e-payment.
  • Bank details for Telegraphic Transfer as follows:
Bank Account No.: 003-906080-7 (SGD terms)
Beneficiary: Informatics Global Campus Pte Ltd
Bank Name: The Development Bank of Singapore Ltd
Bank Address: 12 Marina Boulevard,
DBS Asia Central,
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3,
Singapore 018982

Please write “Student Name, Student ID and Course Title” at the back of the Bank Draft or in the Telegraphic Transfer form.


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Deferment of Examination

Q: Can I request for deferment of examination?
Students are allowed to defer their examination based on the 3 criteria:

  • Reservist duty on the examination dates
  • Medical leave on the examination dates
  • Compassionate reasons (applicable to immediate family members only)

All other reasons given will be subjected to approval and a deferment fee is applicable. Students will have to submit the original supporting documents within 3 days from the actual exam date. The status of the deferment application will be released together with the results for the registered examination term.

Q: What happens after my deferment application is successful?
You may defer your module for only one term. After which, you must take the deferred modules in the subsequent term*.

*For example, if you wish to defer for the December 2013 examination, you must take the paper in the following term e.g. April 2014 examination.

Exam Entry Card

Q: Where can I find the examination dates for my module?
The examination schedule is published and can be viewed at the “Exam Corner” in the virtual campus.

Q: What is online examination entry card?
The online examination entry card, which includes details of the examinations registered for and the examination timetable, acts as identification for students taking examinations. The examination entry card will be available online 1 week prior to the examination.

The printed examination entry card should be presented with the student’s identification documents (e.g. NRIC/Passport) at the examination venue for every examination. It is the student’s duty to check all entries on the entry card and the entry will be considered correct, unless errors are reported to the student services within 1 week.

Exam Venue

Q: Where can I take my examination and test if I’m based in other country?
Examinations can be taken at a designated partner centre or British Council in your country. You will need to write in to studentservices.igc@informaticseducation.com to inform us of your preferred examination venue.

Should you prefer a nearer examination venue, you may propose 2 to 3 venues for the examination department’s consideration at least 2 months prior to the examination month. The venue needs to be an academic centre, which includes teaching centres, British Council, Language schools, Universities, etc.

You will have to bear all the charges incurred for the rental of examination venue and courier of examination papers to Informatics Global Campus. Any late notification of changes to the examination venue will be subjected to approval and administrative charges.




Q: What should I do when I cannot log in?

  • Check if your browser cookies are enabled.
  • Clear your cache (i.e. temporary internet files and cookies)
    • Go to “Tools”
    • Go to “Internet Options”
    • Select “General”
    • Click on “Delete Files” and “Delete Cookies” at “Temporary Internet Files”

Q: What should I do if I couldn’t upload assignment?

  • Maximum file size for upload is 5 MB. (tips: ZIP your work or split into multiple files) 
  • Do not upload a file with a repeated filename for the same class.
  • Special characters are not allowed in the filename
  • Do not assign a long filename. Omit your student ID as it is automatically append to the filename once it is uploaded.
  • If you fail to upload, please rename the file and try again.

Q: What should I do when I cannot get into the E-library?

  • Have all cookies enabled for your Internet browser.
  • Configure any firewall/browser software to allow “ebrary.com” as a trusted site and allow “ebraryReader.exe”.
  • Turn off any accelerator software.
  • Allow pop-ups and give permission to download from this site as for first time user, the e-Library reader will need to be automatically downloaded.
  • If you’re on a network, check with your network administrator.

For technical assistance, please refer to the student handbook. Alternatively, please contact our Student Services Team at studentservices.igc@informaticseducation.com or call (65) 9362 9292.


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Q: Can I attend the convocation Ceremony after graduating?
Yes! You may choose to attend either the Convocation at the overseas University or the local Convocation Ceremony held by Informatics (Singapore) in November each year.

Q: When will I receive the University of Portsmouth student card?
Students will receive an official email from UOP about 3-4 weeks after commencing the first module, notifying the student’s University ID number and instructions on how to apply for the student card via the University of Portsmouth website. Once the Student Card is ready, it will be posted to the student.

Privileges associated with the UOP Student Card includes access to British Council Offices and National Libraries.