Private Education Act and Refund Policy

Committee for Private Education (CPE)

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) was appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Board in October 2016 to carry out its functions and powers relating to private education under the Private Education Act. The CPE is supported by a team of dedicated staff from SSG to regulate the sector, provide student services, consumer education and facilitate capability development efforts to uplift standards in the local private education industry

Private Education Act (2009)

The Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), as set out under the Private Education Act and the Private Education Regulations, spells out the mandatory registration requirements and legislative obligations which all private education institutions, operating in and from Singapore, must meet. It is administered by the Committee for Private Education, which is the sectoral regulator overseeing the private education sector, as established under the Private Education Act. The Enhanced Registration Framework aims to ensure that private education institutions in Singapore are of a certain standard in order to protect the interests of the students enrolled in their schools.
For more information on the Education Act, ERF and EduTrust framework, please visit CPE at for more details.
Informatics Global Campus Pte Ltd is  registered with the Committee for Private Education. Please click here to view a copy of the extension letter.

IGC Student Agreement

IGC has revised its student agreement and the new agreement has been in use since January 2015. Before signing the Student Agreement, IGC will provide an Advisory Note to all students. The students must acknowledge in writing that they have read the Advisory Note and understand the content of the Student Agreement.

In addition to the Student Agreement, IGC also sets at the terms and conditions for the use of Informatics Global Campus learning platform which is the Learning Management System (LMS).

The IGC Student Agreement specifies the following

  • The duration of the course, and the mode of study, i.e., online;
  • The commencement and completion of the course;
  • The scheduled holidays, if any;
  • The exam period of the student’s first term;
  • The expected duration of the release of the results from the final examination;
  • The expected duration of the conferment of the award from the release of final results;
  • The full names of the developer or proprietor of the course, and the person or organisation or institution conferring the award;
  • The components of all fees payable by the student;
  • The fee collection schedule including the miscellaneous fees; and
  • The fee refund policy.

Fee Protection and IWC Insurance Scheme

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) has set out the requirements to protect course fees paid by students the school (PEI) they enrol with.   The rules specify schemes to protect student fees and fee collection caps.

The requirements are prescribed at

IGC adopts the Industry-Wide Course (IWC) Fee Insurance Scheme and has appointed Longpac Insurance Bhd as the insurer.   The insurance certificate is available here for verification.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Students who wish to withdraw or transfer from a course must complete a course withdrawal form and address to IGC Student Services Department for attention.  The form should reach us at 133 Middle Road, BoC Plaza, #05-01, Singapore 188954 or

The student should indicate the reason for leaving and request for refund, if applicable.   Please attach all relevant supporting documents as it will help us to expedite your application.  Students below the age of 18 years old must seek parental/guardian endorsement to proceed with the requests.

IGC will process the request and within 7 working days of receiving the withdrawal form.  Any refund will administered as per the Refund Policy as stipulated on the Student Contract.  Payments will be made either by cheques or telegraphic transfer as per user request.   Note that bank charges may be applicable if the recipient does not have Singapore–registered Bank Account.

Refund Policy
Any request for a refund of course fees paid before/after commencement of the course shall be made as per the following refund policy:

1.    Refund for Withdrawal Due to Non-Delivery of Course:

The PEI will notify the Student within three (3) working days upon knowledge of any of the following:

  1. It does not commence the Course on the Course Commencement Date;
  2. It terminates the Course before the Course Commencement Date; 
  3. It does not complete the Course by the Course Completion Date; 
  4. It terminates the Course before the Course Completion Date;
  5. It has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation stated in Schedule A of the PEI- Student Contract within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; 

The Student should be informed in writing of alternative study arrangements (if any), and also be entitled to a refund of the entire Course Fees and Miscellaneous Fees already paid should the Student decide to withdraw, within seven (7) working days of the above notice.

2.   Refund for Withdrawal Due to Other Reasons:

If the Student withdraws from the Course for any reason other than those stated in Clause 1 above, the PEI will, within seven (7) working days of receiving the Student’s written notice of withdrawal, refund to the Student an amount based on the Table A below. 

Table A
% of [the aggregate amount of the fees paid under Schedules B of the PEI-Student contact] If Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received
[ 80% ] (“Maximum Refund”)
More than [30] days before the Course Commencement Date
[ 65% ] [15] or more days before the Course Commencement Date
[ 0% ] Less than [15] days before the Course Commencement Date

 3.    Refund During Cooling-Off Period:

The PEI will provide the Student with a cooling-off period of seven (7) working days after the date that the Contract has been signed by both parties.

The Student will be refunded the highest percentage (stated in Table A) of the fees already paid if the Student submits a written notice of withdrawal to the PEI within the cooling-off period, regardless of whether the Student has started the course or not.

4.    Deemed Withdrawal:

A Student who transfers from the Course to another course with the PEI shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the Course and the provisions of Clause 2 shall apply save as otherwise agreed between the PEI and the Student.