Q: What is online learning?
A: It is a mode of learning, which utilizes a fully virtual learning environment so students do not need to attend physical classes. Also, IGC uses integrated online conferencing solutions to facilitate online conference sessions between lecturers and students.

Students will be issued a set of Student ID and Password to log into IGC’s Learning Management System (LMS): http://ivc.informaticseducation.com/ivc_ps/, after registration.

Q: Why learn online?
A: It drives students to be more creative and inquisitive. With the ability to access new technologies readily, students have the flexibility in accessing the course notes, online chat, and discussion rooms to communicate with their facilitators and classmates at their convenience. It is an ideal education method for people with work or a personal commitment that makes it difficult to embark on a traditional classroom-type course.

Q: What is the difference between online programmes and those conducted in-class?
A: These programmes are similar, except for the delivery mode. For Online learning, students can attend classes online from any location. This is done through interacting with course lecturers and classmates via discussion boards and online web chat sessions, as well as accessing course notes via the virtual learning environment.

Q: Are the diploma and degree programmes conferred for the online programmes similar to the ones from traditional taught classes?
A: The qualifications obtained are the same for both categories of programmes. Online learning is simply another method of delivering the course.

Q: If there are no classes, how can I be sure that the lessons conducted online will adequately prepare me for the examinations?
A: Lessons conducted online are not different from the ones taught in traditional classrooms. You have the same opportunities to clarify your doubts with the lecturers. In fact, you can submit your questions anytime and expect a response within 48 hours; you need not wait till the next class to have your doubts cleared.

Online learning in fact offers more choices in the way questions can be posed. If you would like inputs from other students, you can post your questions in the discussion board as well. Also, lecturers may provide you with reference to other sources for additional information.

Q: Will I be studying on my own? Will there be a lecturer who will be assisting me with my academic queries?
A: A lecturer will be appointed to facilitate each module. Students may post all their academic queries to the lecturer and expect a response within 48hours during the module duration. Only approved lecturers (by the respective University) are appointed for modules of bachelor and degree programmes.

Q: How can I contact the course facilitators?
A: Students may interact with the lecturer through electronic means via online chats and discussion boards. Alternatively, students can contact the student services team who will assist in contacting the lecturer.

Q: Is there any Online Chat? How often and what is the duration?
A: Most of our programmes have between 3 and 5 scheduled chat sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours duration per module.

Q: Can online learning students submit their assignments and take exams online?
A: Assignments (soft copies) can be submitted to the lecturer online through the “Assignment Drop Box” feature in the virtual classroom. All examinations however, will be held at designated examination venues, in written form.

For projects, both the soft and hard copies will have to be submitted to Informatics Global Campus.

Q: Who should I contact for queries?
For enquiries on promotions or rebates, you may call us anytime at this number, (65) 9698 4237 or email us at enquiries.igc@informaticseducation.com

Students of Informatics Global Campus can contact our student services team through hotline at  (65) 9362 9292 or email us at studentservices.igc@informaticseducation.com