Academic Board

The Academic Board’s main objective is to provide and continually improve on the academic standards and governance within the entire Informatics group. It is also tasked with the auditing power for the group’s conformance to these specifications, and to take the appropriate action(s) to correct deviation, if any.

The appointment of membership to the Board is based on the individual’s experience in the tertiary education industry. Although the Board members serve different roles in the Group, they are knowledgeable individuals who will contribute to the rigorous discussion academically during the Board meetings.

The Board serves as the forum for the final review and discussion of policies, procedures and practices that involve collaboration and coordination between the academic schools and divisions.

It will set up clear leadership, guidelines and directions in academic and standards matters and communicates academic and standards matters of the group to all employees and the public.

Active members of the Informatics Global Campus Academic Board:

Mr. Tng Choon Hock (Chairman)
Head – Academic & Curriculum Development

Dr. Teo Kim Heng
Programme Leader

Ms. Teo Sea Ngem
Senior Manager
Assessment Services

Mr. Tham Ming Soong  (External Member)
CEO and Principal Consultant, Meister Inc Pte Ltd